Journaling Day 1

In a 30-day journaling challenge, I will make an effort to do some form of journaling every day.

I keep a journal—not only to remember key periods in my life, but also to process various experiences and emotions.

However, my journaling has always been sporadic and reactive. I only write when I get to a point where I am especially in need of processing my feelings.

Although journaling every once in a while is not necessarily an issue, I learned from my efforts last month that I find consistency itself to be a challenge.

Therefore, I want to strive for my journaling to be consistent and proactive through this 30-day journaling challenge, particularly since I am currently living and working on a blueberry farm with around ten other twenty-something-year-olds.

Why Journaling?

When I look back upon this month of WWOOFing, I hope to have a tangible record of the people I met, the places I visited, the feelings I felt, the struggles I faced, and the lessons I learned.

I considered making a photo each day my challenge this month, but realized that I would rather document the reality of the experience than capture an idealized aesthetic. And from the past two weeks of being on the farm, I know that my days are so full and rich that any singular photo would fail to paint a complete picture.

I also know that finding time to journal on a farm full of activities has been tricky. By the end of the day, I am so ready for bed that the thought of recounting my day while lying on my pillow is somewhat dreadful.

Still, my life on the farm is so active, making it even more worthy of putting down on paper.

Not to mention, I always feel calm and clear-minded after writing in my journal (especially since I typically write until I’m satisfied).


The biggest question is the form my writing will take, since it would be unrealistic for me to write a detailed four-page account of each day.

It might be a good idea to have daily themes (stream of consciousness, letter writing, gratitude journaling, bullet journaling, etc.), but I also don’t want to create so much structure that I feel constrained.

At the same time, since my journaling usually gets stuck in being either a long account of my day or a rant of emotions, I do want to take this opportunity to find out if I enjoy any different types of journaling.

So, my rules will again be simple:

  • Write (or draw) in my journal every day
  • Try out a variety of journaling forms

I am anticipating the “every day” aspect of this 30-day journaling challenge to, once again, be a challenge. But I will again aim high and do my best!

Let’s see how this goes!

I invite you to find out more about my 30-Day Challenges here.


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