Handwritten Notes Day 30

So…this month didn’t quite go as planned. My 30-day handwritten notes challenge hasn’t come to fruition in the way I anticipated it would. Allow me to explain.

At the start of the month, I set out to write one handwritten note to a different person each day, delivering the note no later than the day after it was written. But I haven’t given anyone a single note or letter in the past month, and I didn’t even post a mid-month update.

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Handwritten Notes Day 1

In my 30-day handwritten notes challenge, I will make a daily effort to write a note to someone as a token of my appreciation.

November is all about expressing love and gratitude to others. My challenges so far have been solitary and introspective. But now I want to use this platform of accountability as an opportunity to intentionally engage with those around me.

I loved sitting down to doodle each night for last month’s challenge. Separated from all screens and stimuli, I felt freedom and serenity with a pen and paper in hand. This month’s challenge will encourage me to channel a similar form of embodied creation, this time with words rather than drawings.

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Doodling Day 30

For the past month, I’ve taken a few minutes at the end of each day to sit down, uninterrupted, and doodle.

Doodling everyday has been so rewarding. The simple act of daily creation, even in the relatively inconsequential format of a basic sketch, has been a refreshing departure from my usual escape of YouTube and Netflix.

And now, I can flip through my notebook and see 30 drawings that bring me back to each day of the past month.

Here’s how it went…

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Doodling Day 15

Doodling for the past two weeks in my 30-day doodling challenge has provided me with much-needed daily breaks from screen time.

Without giving myself time to think, I open my notebook, grab a pen, and draw a line. What that line will become is unknown.

This daily practice of distraction-free doodling has been more calming than even my 30-day meditation challenge was. By connecting with my body, I quiet my mind.

And by not allowing myself any do-overs, I give myself permission to create imperfectly. I free myself of expectations for the quality of the outcome.

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Doodling Day 1

New month, new challenge. This time, I’m going to put my pens and pencils to use for a 30-day doodling challenge. 

I’m currently taking a design class that emphasizes embodiment. My professor wants us to free our minds and work with our hands. She even has us put our phones in the corner so they’re off our bodies. It’s utter tranquility.

One of the first notes my professor gave me was that I was thinking too much. I should let my hand go and see what happens.

The funny thing is, I didn’t realize how much I was overthinking and overanalyzing my art before she made that comment. I hope that 30 days of “bodyful”, not mindful, doodling will get me out of my head and let my hand create.

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Jump Rope Day 15

I am 15 days into my 30-day jump rope challenge, and I’ve hit a stumbling block that may prevent me from continuing on.

Jump roping makes my heart pound and my skin sweat in a short amount of time. It’s challenging yet efficient, which is exactly what I love from a good workout.

However, I believe in listening to my body. I believe in being adaptable. And I believe in self-compassion.

As much as I love jump roping, my body has told me that the frequency and intensity of the Crossrope 30-day jump rope challenge has been too much, too fast. My body is not used to repeatedly jumping and landing, jumping and landing, jumping and landing.

Here’s how it’s gone so far…

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Jump Rope Day 1

Throughout September, I will be doing a 30-day jump rope challenge to learn new skills while spicing up my workout routine.

Jumping rope can be physically tiring and technically challenging. But at the same, it can be a really rewarding full body workout.

Not to mention, jumping rope is simple, convenient, and efficient. It can be done anywhere at anytime.

So, because I love a good exercise guide, I will be following the Crossrope 30-day jump rope challenge throughout this month.

By the end of these few weeks, I hope to be able to jump rope for 5 minutes nonstop. This might be an overly ambitious goal, but we’ll see if I can get there!

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Meditation Day 30

After my 30-day meditation challenge, I don’t think I’ll be continuing with a 10 minute daily meditation practice.

At the start of the month, when my schedule was comparably free and flexible, I was able to sink into meditation without thinking about what was on my to-do list. But since being back on campus, it has become harder to find the time and motivation to meditate.

On one hand, I recognize that 30 days might not be enough to feel the benefits of meditation. On the other hand, if meditating feels more and more like a chore, I don’t want to force it.

So, here is how my 30-day meditation challenge went…

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Meditation Day 15

I’ve now done two weeks of my 30-day meditation challenge, and I finally can say that I haven’t missed a single day. 

This month, I wanted a challenge that would help me transition back to campus for the academic year.

Like on many university campuses, my campus environment can breed anxiety among students.

To counteract this effect, I wanted to care for my overall wellbeing by starting a daily meditation practice. Here’s how it’s going so far…

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