Minimalism Day 30

2,218 things later, I have (almost) successfully completed my first 30-day challenge, the 30-day minimalism challenge.

Turns out, being on a farm has not been conducive to getting rid of more stuff. Though the farm life has encouraged me to live with fewer things (it is not a glamorous lifestyle), it has not helped me minimize the number of items I already own.

Instead, picking blueberries, hanging out with the other WWOOFers, continuously making food, and learning to spin wool have diverted my time and attention away from my 30-day minimalism challenge.

The Results

Since my midpoint check-in, I have only deleted 241 more photos and one more app on my phone. So, without internet connection or the vast majority of my possessions on the farm, I failed to get rid of at least one thing every day.

Therefore, my downfall was consistency rather than quantity. And consistency is vital for habit-setting (something to work on next month).

Even so, I ended up getting rid of a total of 2,218 things:

  • 561 physical items
  • 22 apps
  • 1,457 photos on my phone
  • 18 email subscriptions
  • 160 text conversations
Key Takeaways

2,218 is a pretty staggering number.

When I decided to get rid of 465 things in a month, I did not have a tangible sense of what 465 things looked like (which is partly why I counted digital items as well as physical ones).

In retrospect, my goal might not have been ambitious enough—particularly considering the overabundance of digital clutter in our twenty-first century lives.

30 days later, I feel simultaneously lighter and more overwhelmed. I am glad that I only kept items that brought me joy. Still, the quantity of physical and digital things I own is a lot to take in. 2,218 feels merely like a drop in the bucket.

Things accumulate and accumulate and accumulate—especially in the digital realm. I can’t even begin to comprehend how many websites I have subscribed to over the past several years of my online life.

As a whole, this month’s challenge has put my minimalism ambitions into perspective. It will take a continuous and conscientious effort on my part to decrease the quantity of possessions I accept into my life.

Thinking ahead to my next few months of 30-day challenges, I want to emphasize consistency despite the spontaneous ebbs and flows of life. Plus, focusing on month-long challenges will continue to inspire reflection, highlight areas to work on, and even spark some new interests!

To learn about my next 30-day challenge, check out this post!
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Minimalism Day 15

I am halfway through my 30-day minimalism challenge, and wanted to give an update on my progress so far!

At the start of the month, I chose to embark on a 30-day minimalism challenge.

In an adapted version of The Minimalists’ Minimalism Game, I wanted to get rid of 465 things over the course of one month—getting rid of at least one thing every day.

And at this midpoint check-in, I’m surprised (and mildly concerned) with how quickly I have reached that number.

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Minimalism Day 1

In a 30-day minimalism challenge, which begins today, I will be tackling an adapted version of The Minimalists’ 30-Day Minimalism Game.

The Minimalists are a duo who help people create room for more meaning in their lives by living with less. Their Minimalism Game challenges people to kickstart this process by getting rid of excess stuff on a daily basis over the course of a month.

Since I will be moving three times within the first half of June (from my Central London dorm to my aunt’s house, from London back home to California, and from home to a farm where I’ll be WWOOFing), I feel like there is no better time to reassess my possessions.

After all, the thought of lugging around excess stuff from one place to the next fills me with dread. Not to mention, the fact that I can’t remember what I have in my childhood bedroom means that I neither use nor need most of those things. (For example, I guarantee I will never wear at least one or two pairs of heels in that closet of mine–given that they’ve sat in there unworn for the past five years!)

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