Handwritten Notes Day 30

So…this month didn’t quite go as planned. My 30-day handwritten notes challenge hasn’t come to fruition in the way I anticipated it would. Allow me to explain.

At the start of the month, I set out to write one handwritten note to a different person each day, delivering the note no later than the day after it was written. But I haven’t given anyone a single note or letter in the past month, and I didn’t even post a mid-month update.

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Handwritten Notes Day 1

In my 30-day handwritten notes challenge, I will make a daily effort to write a note to someone as a token of my appreciation.

November is all about expressing love and gratitude to others. My challenges so far have been solitary and introspective. But now I want to use this platform of accountability as an opportunity to intentionally engage with those around me.

I loved sitting down to doodle each night for last month’s challenge. Separated from all screens and stimuli, I felt freedom and serenity with a pen and paper in hand. This month’s challenge will encourage me to channel a similar form of embodied creation, this time with words rather than drawings.

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