cauliflower pizza

No better way to start a personal blog than to highlight one’s newfound love for a newfound recipe.

This is cauliflower pizza. It’s best enjoyed right out of the oven. And it actually tastes good!

CauliflowerPizza 2

With a crust made from cauliflower and shredded cheese, this pizza is a clean, healthy, and gluten-free alternative to whatever it is that Domino’s sells (no offense to Domino’s). I found the recipe through Cassey Ho of Blogilates, and it was straightforward and easy to make. The only struggle was having to squeeze out the liquid after baking the cauliflower “rice” because my upper body strength is unfortunately nonexistent. Otherwise, the pizza required few ingredients and minimal prep!

And if you’re skeptical that it will taste good (or if you are somewhat of a picky pizza eater), try it anyways! You just might be pleasantly surprised.

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