Doodling Day 30

For the past month, I’ve taken a few minutes at the end of each day to sit down, uninterrupted, and doodle.

Doodling everyday has been so rewarding. The simple act of daily creation, even in the relatively inconsequential format of a basic sketch, has been a refreshing departure from my usual escape of YouTube and Netflix.

And now, I can flip through my notebook and see 30 drawings that bring me back to each day of the past month.

Here’s how it went…

My Results

Here are the drawings I’ve created in the past two weeks. To see everything else I drew this month, check out my Day 15 post. If you’ve ever thought that you’re “bad” at drawing, I recommend you challenge yourself for 30 days too!

Key Takeaways

These are the top five takeaways from my 30-day doodling challenge.

1. Disconnect. Sitting down to draw in silence, without my phone or computer in hand, made doodling a meditative experience.

2. Don’t be afraid of trying. Part of me was afraid to draw something realistic. What if my drawing didn’t look like the object? This is where I had to kick my innate desire for perfection, quiet my mind, let my eye focus, and let my hand move. No first attempt will be perfect, and perfection isn’t even the end goal. The important part is not being afraid of trying.

3. Mistakes can be opportunitiesI discussed this in the midpoint check-in, but there were times when my strokes wouldn’t come out the way I intended. Rather than beat myself up about it, I would go with the flow and adapt my drawing. Often times, these “mistakes” would spark visual decisions I wouldn’t have otherwise made.

4. Lines won’t always be straight, and they don’t have to be. Even lines that are supposed to be straight won’t always come out straight, and that’s okay. Life doesn’t happen in a straight line.

5. There’s always tomorrow. If you’re unsatisfied with a drawing, you can always revise it. There’s no shame in editing. Try, try again.

Here’s to the next 4 months of 30-day challenges, which will kick off with 30 days of doodling!

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