Handwritten Notes Day 1

In my 30-day handwritten notes challenge, I will make a daily effort to write a note to someone as a token of my appreciation.

November is all about expressing love and gratitude to others. My challenges so far have been solitary and introspective. But now I want to use this platform of accountability as an opportunity to intentionally engage with those around me.

I loved sitting down to doodle each night for last month’s challenge. Separated from all screens and stimuli, I felt freedom and serenity with a pen and paper in hand. This month’s challenge will encourage me to channel a similar form of embodied creation, this time with words rather than drawings.

Why Handwritten Notes?

My freshman year of college, a high school friend sent me a card. I was not only surprised, but also incredibly moved that she took the time to mail me a physical note in an age of digital immediacy.

Ever since then, I’ve made an effort to mail my friends cards and letters as a tangible gesture of my care.

There’s so much more sentimental value to a handwritten message than there is to even the kindest of text messages. Yet, especially among young people, the value of handwriting is rapidly diminishing.

With this challenge, I’m excited to continue resisting the complete digitization of our culture.

So, in the vein of doing small acts of kindness, I hope to bring joy to someone’s day by writing them a note of appreciation. After all, there are so many people in and around my life who I rarely take the time to thank.


Here are my rules:

  • Write one handwritten note a day
  • Any note length works (from a brief thank you to a multi-page letter)
  • Deliver the note no later than the day after it was written
  • No repeating recipients

I can’t wait to share spontaneous messages of gratitude and affection with the wonderful individuals I’ve crossed paths with so far.

Let’s see how this goes!

I invite you to find out more about my 30-Day Challenges here.

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