Handwritten Notes Day 30

So…this month didn’t quite go as planned. My 30-day handwritten notes challenge hasn’t come to fruition in the way I anticipated it would. Allow me to explain.

At the start of the month, I set out to write one handwritten note to a different person each day, delivering the note no later than the day after it was written. But I haven’t given anyone a single note or letter in the past month, and I didn’t even post a mid-month update.

How do I feel?

Does this feel like a failure? A bit. Even from day one, I’d already forgotten about this challenge and relegated it to the sidelines of my life. And in terms of writing this post, I really had to motivate myself to do it.

I think there were two reasons for this outcome:

  1. This month has been so full of activity and assignments that writing notes has not been a priority. My semester has been so scheduled according to my color-coded calendar that I often forget tasks that aren’t on my calendar. So, since I didn’t schedule writing or delivering these handwritten notes into my calendar, it was easy for the challenge to slip my mind.
  2. Beyond my “busyness”, I found myself hesitating when I did sit down to write a few notes. I felt vulnerable and a bit awkward writing a spontaneous note of care. In comparison, holiday and birthday cards give me a more socially acceptable reason to express love or gratitude. And texting someone a nice random message is also less intimidating because it lacks the formality usually associated with handwriting.

I don’t mean for these to sound like excuses, but I do find it fascinating to observe and assess my behavior in retrospect.

Although I’m disappointed that I dropped the ball, I’m also grateful that I’ve identified something that has truly challenged me. Who would’ve thought that writing little notes would be as difficult of a task as it turned out to be?

What am I looking forward to?

After this month, I’m left feeling a little detached and apathetic towards my 30-day challenges. So, I’m going to take December off and start 2019 with a clean state.

I’m looking forward to some time away to revisit my intentions and consider how I want to update and evolve this website in the new year!

New here? Welcome! I invite you to find out more about my 30-Day Challenges here.


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