watching a malaysian rainstorm

A nostalgic throwback to when I was in Malaysia only two months ago…


I am currently sitting on the 19th floor balcony of my grandma’s apartment in Subang Jaya, Malaysia, and it is absolutely bucketing down with rain. In the past five minutes, I have watched a huge grey raincloud rapidly consume the skyline as less and less light peeks through.

It looks as though my vision has turned entirely blurry, but no cause for worry yet, it is just the sheets and sheets of rain pouring down from the sky. The world is covered in grey mist and not a drop of earth is dry. If only this rain could be brought to my home of California.

The rain no longer falls in individual droplets, but in a billowing waterfall that visibly bends with the wind. A watercolor with no definite lines. The clouds have dropped so low that I can see the rain falling from them at eye level.

Cars continue along the roads below, with drivers behind windshield wipers going at full speed. Gradually, buildings and skylines that were once in sight are now erased by the mist of the cloud. This is the seventh straight day of heavy afternoon rains, but never before have I seen it like this.

The only thing dampening my experience of typing and gazing is the occasional waft of smoke from an undiscerned direction.

I think the cloud is coming closer and closer to me. I feel the mist of the cloud heading toward me with no holds barred. My line of sight has diminished by half and I can’t see farther than a block away. Only the headlights from distant cars are vaguely perceptible through the foggy grey sky.

The smoke continues. I grimace.

My dad walks out and admires the rain, only to comment that he can smell someone smoking cigarettes.

And yep, I am now being rained on. How refreshing. And those headlights I mentioned a couple lines back…no longer visible.

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