paper flowers, tacky glue

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Cut, curl, glue, pinch, cut, curl, glue, pinch. This has been my life for several hours over the past two days. Unattractive, off-white bricks line the walls of my “cozy” (small) dorm room. Seeing as the brick doesn’t entirely go with my white, orange, and grey color scheme, the large blank space above my two-seater sofa simply couldn’t do. But these paper flowers do the trick.

Thank goodness for my countless subscriptions on YouTube. When the video below popped up on my feed, I instantly recognized the solution.

This eye-catching yet relatively simple method of creating large paper flowers out of card stock and glue was ideal for me: a college student who doesn’t want to spend money on something she can make herself.

Because Ann Le’s video wasn’t step-by-step, the less entertaining video below was more instructive.

Some things I found helpful were:

  1. Use tacky glue. It’s amazing!
  2. Don’t bother with an outline or a stencil. Petals don’t have to be perfect.
  3. Cut out six petals at a time by folding and sandwiching the paper.
  4. Vary the petal shape for each layer.
  5. Six petals are easier than five.
  6. Fluff out the middle part to cover any visible seams or glue inside.
  7. Petals come in all shapes and sizes, so have fun with it!

Now all that’s left is to cross my fingers and hope that my assortment of Command strips will hold these petals up for the rest of the year!

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