shoutout to getting a shoutout


Since May, I have been the News Editor for The Gavel, BC’s online progressive student publication. As News Editor, I manage the news staff (an Associate Editor and multiple Staff Writers), come up with article ideas, write and edit articles, create the posting budget for the week, and am overall responsible for all news content.

For news, we post once a week during the summer and four or more times during the regular school week. During my time leading the section, I have doubled the online views of our news articles by consistently producing quality content.

Furthermore, the best part about writing news is breaking news. And almost every week so far this semester, we have posted one breaking (or near-breaking) news piece that gets a large number of views. One week it was about bug-infested broccoli in the dining hall, which received 2,400 views in 24 hours, and last week it was on the solidarity march I attended in support of queer students, students of color, and students with disabilities on campus, which received almost 430 views.

These numbers might not mean anything out of context, but they are big for our news section.

When I was asked to be News Editor at the end of freshman year, I was both honored and surprised. As an Editorial Assistant, I was on the fast track for an editorial position, but I didn’t think that I would get to lead an entire section so soon.

I am so glad I accepted the position and that I’ve made The Gavel one of my main priorities this year. It is reassuring and encouraging to be recognized for the positive impact my leadership has had on the news section! It is always nice to get a shoutout.

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